EP 148 On an Inclusive Native American Curriculum. Michael Vendiola and Sat’i’ya


EP 148 On an Inclusive Native American Curriculum. Michael Vendiola, Office of Native Education Director at Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, and Sat’i’Ya, Ferndale Public Schools Lummi Language Instructor, talk about Washington State education and the Native American “Since Time Immemorial” curriculum. Sat’i’ya on teaching and preserving the Lummi Language.

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Ep. 140 Searches and Civil Rights

Ep. 139. Long-time civil rights defenders, the legal team of Larry Hildes and Karen Weill have been defending immigrants, activists, targets of police harassment and others in need, often with little or no compensation. They discuss the DACA decision, the Facebook Bellingham NODAPL search warrant, and an FBI investigation targeting local environmental activists.

Junga Subedar and Michelle Vendiola, representing Community to Community, Red Line Salish Sea and  the Whatcom Civil Rights Project lead the show with a response to the decision to grant a search warrant to the Facebook page and the implications for our civil rights.

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Ep. 138 DACA Decision – NODAPL FB Warrant

Ep. 138.  Special Guests. DACA recipient Jose-Manuel Carillo and Rosalinda Guillen, direct from WA AG Bob Ferguson’s press statement in Seattle. They talk about why DACA is important, and how the advocacy on the left might be getting it wrong.

In a groundbreaking case,Whatcom Superior Court’s Judge Snyder has granted permission for WA State to access users and information from the Bellingham Redline Salish Sea Facebook profile. More than 1,650 people like the page. More than 1,700 follow it

Attorney Mike Broadsky defended the Facebook page against the warrant. He talks about the case, why the warrant went forward and what happens next.

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Ep. 137 Darrell Hillaire – State of the Salmon

Ep. 137. Darrell Hillaire from Children of the Setting Sun talks about Lummi Nation’s salmon state of emergency. Rosalinda Guillen on Cuban detainee hunger strike at the Tacoma Detention Center and Satpal Sidhu on the upcoming Arch of Healing and Reconciliation ceremony.

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Extended interview with Community to Community’s Rosalinda Guillen: NWDC Cuban detainee hunger strike, an update on the workers fired from Sarbanand Farms andfactory farming and factory fishing in light of the Atlantic salmon crisis.

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